Saturday, August 15, 2009


On Residency
I have been working a lot these days. If anyone reading this is wondering whether pathology residency has great hours, the answer is sometimes. But at most programs a lot of time will be spent on rotations with much longer hours, like surgicals, hemepath, and even autopsy and blood bank at some programs. It is very hard to work a 14-hour day and come home and crack open the books you need to read to really get a handle on the material. Pathology is a much more reading-intense field than many others.

On Blogging
I wish I had time to write more. It is such nice stress relief. But it has been good to see that some of the bloggers whose stuff I enjoyed, ie Panda Bear, The Fake Doctor, are back in action. Bostonian has a nice post detailing some good reading if you want to catch up.

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Resident Anesthesiologist Guy (RAG) said...

I would think that Path would require a tremendous amount of reading. As a new anesthesia resident (that being, new to the actual practice of anesthesia despite being a PGY-2) I find that my requirements for reading are tremendous as well. It's an unfortunate thing that the surgeons don't seem to realize that (I've seen a lot of unflattering mimickery of pathology residents by the surg residents which makes me mad).