Monday, July 27, 2009

1 Week to Go

3 weeks of autopsy down and 1 to go. We have been really, really busy this month, and are getting close to setting a record. Welcome to July. Argh. There have been some really interesting, rare cases. But overall it has just been exhausting. Next month will be even busier, so it's time to ramp up. I am hoping to wrap up my current cases this week. Unfortunately, autopsies take a long time to resolve since getting slides, records, and writing reports can take weeks. So any cases we pick up this week will follow us onto our next rotation and will have to somehow get done amidst everything else.

In other news, Daisy of Love wrapped up last night. I won't spoil it in case anyone reading this cares, but it was not a huge surprise. The next installment of VH1 reality love show trash starts this Sunday, I believe, with the kick-off of Megan Wants a Millionaure, featuring the ever manipulative, aspiring trophy life Megan Hauserman from Rock of Love. Yes, I am sinking to new lows in TV watching this year... I knew it was bad when one of the big queens at the gym was shocked when I mentioned Daisy of Loveand said, "girl, I had no idea you watched that!" But hey, talking about this crap with colleagues makes the autopsies go by quicker and it sure is a more fun way to spend my evenings than reading pathology texts when I am exhausted. Okay, time to go watch the Charm School season finale.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bravo Wisdom

So I must admit that I have become addicted to Bravo reality shows. I used to just watch them sporadically. But since residency started last year, they have become a really nice way to zone out at the end of a long day. Besides, who wants to do something like read about fetal cardiac malformations when you could watch unsuspecting wealthy people from around the country be made into complete caricatures on national television?

Tonight was the first episode of "Miami Social," Bravo's latest installment in their showcase of urban high life vapidity that is immune to the poor economy. This show, with its constant parties, clubs, dating drama, and sex talk, really took the cake for shallowness. It made the various "Real Housewives" series, that addressed some "real" topics like drug addiction, cancer, and parenting amidst the superficial drama, look downright deep. I should probably stop now while I am disgusted and not get roped in. But somehow I have this awful feeling that next Tuesday night, when given the choice of reading a pathology book or TV, "Miami Social" will win. I'll leave you with a few choice words of wisdom from the crew:

Oh my god! I look so good in this reflection.

Never break your shoes over a man.

When people are in love, they get fat.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

From the Morgue

Yes, I am doing autopsies. What a way to start the new year. We have been busy... could it be because it is July?

I was waiting for the elevator this morning and there were two patients standing near me. One pointed to the fading sign that has hung near the elevator for the last 2 weeks: "New Resident and Fellow Orientation (up arrow).>

"This is why you never go to a teaching hospital in July," he said to his companion.

"Huh, why not?"

"Because July is when all of the new doctors start and they don't know anything. They might kill you."

Could this be the reason why we've been dissecting for ~12 hours a day this week? Or is it just because July is a big month for teaching and autopsies are a good teaching experience? Or are all the newbies just gung-ho about consenting families for autopsies? Food for thought.