Monday, June 22, 2009

That Light Is Getting Brighter...

I saw a flier directing people to the "New Resident and Fellow" orientation today. This is my last full week of the year. 6 more days to go. And it could not be coming soon enough. Not that my current rotation is so horrible, but I am just done. So done. So very done.

I had a moment last week where I realized the year really needed to end. I was at home after work and I went to grab a container of yogurt-covered raisins out of the pantry. The lid was not fully on the container and all of the yogurt raisins (we're taling at least 100 in the nealy full package) cascaded down to the floor and rolled everywhere. I laughed my ass off until I almost cried. Mrs. Lone Coyote looked at me and was like, "what is going on?" I could not stop laughing. Finally, I was like "this is the best thing that has happened today." It truly was.

When the highlight of your days is watching white candies bounce onto the floor, you know it is time for the year to end.

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