Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Little Tip From Your Friendly On-Call Lab Resident

I know you sometimes may be frustrated when we tell you that a certain volume is required to run a test. Really, we are not telling you we cannot do the test just for our own sadistic pleasures. Sometimes we literally cannot set a test up if you submit the specimen improperly. And, no, you cannot combine samples from past draws to achieve the desired volume. Sorry, I am going to have to say no that one.


RubyRidge said...

Did you seriously get a call for that? Seriously?

The whole "out of sight....." aspect of the lab really seems to be its greatest liability. People just start making chains of false assumptions, and when situations arise that are 100% out of your control (poor or uninformed specimen collection being nice examples), people make more assumptions. Bad samples slow down the whole show, folks, but they're just the cost of doing business. All these little border wars that flair up for no reason are really the height of needlessness. It's nice to be accused of somehow shirking your duties for something that's entirely someone else's fault. I have yet to hear an "I'm sorry."

The Lone Coyote said...

Could I make this stuff up? Yes, I did get that call, and it took 30+ minutes to resolve. Awesome.