Friday, April 10, 2009

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

On my current 2 month rotation, I was rather distressed to find that bathroom access was a challenge. Near the lab is a "Staff Restroom" with card key access. Of course, my card did not open the door. I would have to stand in the hallway and wait for someone to walk by, take pity, and open the door. More often than not, I would have people pass by and look at me like, "why can't you open the bathroom, there must be something wrong with you," and dart away. Ironically, my attending cannot even get into the bathroom and was once berated by a staff member about not being able to open the bathroom door.

I decided this had to be dealt with and found out from another resident that the security office could fix all of my problems. Thus, I embarked on journey to the basement where I was told to "send an email." See below for the rest.

-----Original Message-----
From: The Lone Coyote
Sent: 4 Days Ago
To: Security
Cc: Another Resident
Subject: Access to restroom/locker room

To Whom It May Concern:

Who needs access? The Lone Coyote, MD and Another Resident, MD

Where? Women's Staff Restroom/Locker Room

Why? So that we can have a bathroom to use.

Our Supervisor: Program Director, MD.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

The Lone Coyote

The Lone Coyote MD
From: Security
Sent: 4 Days Ago
To: Some Supervisor Deep in Bureaucracy
Subject: FW: Access to restroom/locker room

Is she ok for womens locker room access?
-----Original Message-----
From: Some Supervisor Deep in Bureaucracy
Sent: 2 Day Ago
To: Security
Subject: RE: Access to restroom/locker room

Sure, this is fine.


From: Security
Sent: Late This Afternoon
To: The Lone Coyote, MD
Subject: FW: Access to restroom/locker room


Woohoo!!! We can go pee in style now.


Christina said...

Bathroom privileges have to be approved by a supervisor?!? Crazy. Glad you have a nice place to pee now, though. ;)

Dragonfly said...

And know you know that you have arrived :-)