Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Elevator Adventures

Overheard in the elevator... not the same one I wrote about the other day.

Nursing student: (pushing button)
Nurse: No! Not that one. This one. (points to another floor)
Nursing student: I'm sorry.
Nurse: You can't even go to that floor. (points to button student originally tried to press)
Nursing student: Why not?
Nurse: You need a special key to get off there. The babies are there. The babies have to be kept safe.
Nursing student: (nodding) Yes, that is very important.
Nurse: (snorts and rolls eyes at student) I really don't see what the big deal is. I mean that is the ICN. That's where all the super-sick babies are. They're in bad shape. Many won't make it, and if they do, what's the point.
Nursing student: (looking stunned)
Nurse: I've always thought if you want to steal a baby, those babies are not good specimens. You should try the Well Baby Nursery. Those are worth it.

And with that they reached their floor, which houses adult patients, and got off.

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l33t MD* said...

Cynical like only a long-time healthcare worker can be. I can't help myself from agreeing. Does that mean the process has started for me too? :-o